About Fred Miller

Pianist/Singer/Lecturer Fred Miller has spent the last several decades in many musical fields including grand opera, musical comedy, classical piano and chamber music. However, his current professional life revolves around American Popular Song.

Delivering a Lecture-In-Song at a Library

Fred is also the founder and director of the Copper Penny Players, a ten week singing class for amateur singers that, after 40+ years, is now something of a Delaware Valley institution. Begun in Manhattan in 1981 under the auspices of a drama school, the Copper Penny Players provides all participants regardless of musical ability the thrilling opportunity to sing a solo each week for ten weeks in front of their classmates.

Fred Miller at his workstation

Each of his more than seventy(70) Lectures-In-Song is a full 60-75 minute musical program profiling a great personality or important facet of American Popular Song. Fred presents them at libraries, retirement villages, arts organizations and scores of private venues throughout New Jersey and eastern Pennsylvania.

Copper Penny Players

Accompanied and coached by Miller, each Copper Penny Player experiences the excitement of performing a variety of songs of his/her choice and participating in the traditional Copper Penny Revue presented to the public every three months, for many years at New Hope’s legendary Phillips Mill. Now into its 5th decade, the¬†Copper Penny Players¬†exists solely to provide the joy of singing for anyone willing and able to sing in public.

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A musician first and foremost, Fred Miller considers music to be the greatest, most profound human expression, a unique pathway to the deepest reaches and best parts of the human soul. Personally, he credits music in some way with having provided him in adulthood with nearly every blessing he enjoys. Few things provide more happiness, generate deeper reflection or evoke fonder memory than great music.

Accompanist and Cabaret Performer

Musician, History Buff, Accompanist, Actor, Writer, Teacher, Archivist, Collector, Old Home Renovator, Animal Lover, Americana Fanatic Fred Miller was born in New Mexico and now lives in rural Hunterdon County, New Jersey. He welcomes emails with your comments and inquiries on any subject.